6 Tips for Managing Stress Around the Holidays

6 Tips for Managing Stress Around the Holidays

The holidays can be the most exciting time of the year, but for some, it can be a real test of endurance. The parties, recitals, expectations, and plans with friends and family can add unwanted stress onto an already busy everyday life. Then there is also preparing special meals, finding the perfect gifts, and the pressure to say “yes” to every invitation you receive. Given this, it’s not surprising that even the calmest individuals can feel the added pressure during the holiday season. It’s important to remember that of all things on your holiday to-do list, the most important one is taking care of your mental health and practicing self-care. Below are a few ways to stay well this holiday season. 

family celebrating the holidays
1. Don’t say yes to everything.

Remember that you can’t be everywhere at once. There are only so many family dinners, drives, and commitments that you can make. Everybody has their limits and it’s important to not push past yours just because it’s the holidays. Be honest and reasonable with that you can handle and if there’s just too much to juggle. Prioritize your family’s time and only commit to what is most important to you. It’s about quality, not quantity. 

2. Don’t wait until the last minute.

You will feel in control and prepared if you start your holiday shopping early. Trying to do everything in one weekend can be overwhelming and lead to burn out. To avoid this, at least make a list of ideas so that you have a game plan for when you’re out shopping.  

3. Make time for downtime.

It’s easy to forget about yourself during the holidays. However, it’s important to make time for peace and quiet and self-care. Carve out some time to unwind and enjoy the things you love. This will help you fully enjoy the holidays and really appreciate your time spent with friends and family. 

4. Set a holiday budget.

Setting a budget is critical to avoid post-holiday blues. Before you begin your holiday shopping and cooking, set a realistic budget that includes every party you want to go to, the cost of gifts and decorations, and then stick to the budget. This will prevent financial stress from creeping up on you. 

5. Ask for help.

If you start feeling the pressure of everything that’s on your list, it’s okay to ask friends or family for help. Whether it’s picking up something at the grocery store, helping with gift wrapping, or taking part in holiday baking, those that are close to you will be willing to help. These little moments are what the holidays are about. 

If the stress from the holidays becomes too much to handle on your own, the staff at our Counseling & Wellness Centers can help you develop a plan to address the issues that you are facing. Call our main number at 844-4-ACENDA (844-422-3632) for more information. 

6. Remember what the holiday season is about.

The holidays are meant to be filled with joy, cheer, and thankfulness. It’s easy to lose track of this when you’re in a whirlwind of stress and planning. Spending quality time with friends and family can help ground you and remind you what the season is about. Remember to slow down and think about what is most important to you during the holidays.