Motherhood in TV & Movies

8 Representations of Motherhood in Shows & Films

The bond between a mother and her child is indescribable, but many stories, films, and shows have tried to convey the intricacies of the unique relationship. From feel good rom-coms to deeply moving dramas, motherhood has been a theme in popular TV and movies for decades. We've gathered 8 examples of motherhood in movies.

motherhood in movies
1. Mamma Mia!

A classic feel-good musical surrounding the relationship between mother and daughter is Mamma Mia! Meryl Streep plays a mother helping her daughter as she gets ready to walk down the aisle. Even better, there's now a sequel. Make it a movie night with mom!

2. Mom

Mom is a sitcom starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney playing a dysfunctional mother-daughter duo who come together after years apart to work towards sobriety. While the show is certainly laugh-out-loud funny, it also showcases the messy reality of mother-daughter relationships and navigating recovery.

3. The Blind Side

The Oscar-nominated film The Blind Side is based on a true story of struggles, sports, and motherhood. The story follows Michael Oher, a talented football player, who escapes his life of poverty and is adopted by a well-to-do family. The mother, played by Sandra Bullock, shows exemplary passion and love for her adoptive son. This movie shows not only that adoptive relationships are just as strong as biological ones, but it also brings in tough topics about race and privilege.

4. Workin' Moms

Workin' Moms is a fun dramedy focusing on four moms who are returning to work after maternity leave. It tackles motherhood topics such as "mom shaming," work/life balance, and relationships.

5. Lady Bird

Another Oscar-nominated film, Lady Bird, tells the coming-of-age story of a high school girl in her senior year navigating a rocky relationship with her mother. The mother-daughter duo shows the highs and lows of motherhood in its barest reality.

6. Stepmom

This 1998 film depicts a woman who is dying of cancer facing the fact that her husband's new fiancé will be there to raise her child when she is gone. Co-parenting is never easy, family dynamics are complex, and true family isn't defined by blood. Get your tissues ready!

7. Soul Food

This movie surrounds 3 sisters and their relationship with their mother who insists on hosting Sunday-night dinner every week to get the family together. This film emphasizes the power of love, loyalty, and sisterhood.

motherhood in movies
8. In Our Mothers' Gardens

This 2020 documentary celebrates Black history and dives deep into the bond between mother and daughter while providing healing.

These are only eight examples of motherhood depicted in pop culture, there are many more to be watched and loved! Motherhood isn't easy, but Acenda offers specialized maternal health services to help along the journey.

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