It’s Time to Show Kindness

Lift Your Mood By Being Kind to Others

Kindness goes a long way, especially in today's world, where we are all dealing with so much. Helping one another not only helps the recipient of the kind gesture, but it makes the person offering the kindness to feel better about themselves because they are doing something nice for others.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own daily lives we forget that there are others around us who could benefit from our concern or help," said Jessica Haurin, LPC, Program Therapist, Adolescent Supportive Housing. “Whether you are being kind, or getting kindness from others, these actions bring people closer together in a good way and help to reduce confrontation and anger amongst individuals."

Acts of kindness may include helping a neighbor fix his home, lending an ear to someone needing advice, volunteering in the community, or calling a loved on the phone to see how they are doing. The effects of these gestures and how it affects are mental well-being are connected.

Here are 5 ways random acts of kindness can affect your mental health in a positive way:
random acts of kindness day young volunteer helping older man in wheelchair with groceries

1. Happiness. Knowing you are being kind to someone, or someone is kind too you, makes life a better place to live in.

2. Feeling of accomplishment. If you perform an act of kindness to someone, you will feel like you have performed a good deed and made someone else have a much better day.

3. No negatives. Kindness, and acts we do for others to better their lives, is never a negative. Being kind and helping someone can bring positivity to the relationship.

4. Combats loneliness. When someone is being kind to you, or you are helping someone, you will feel less isolated in the world.

5. Promotes sharing. The more random acts of kindness we participate in, the more time we will share in activities and the joys of life with others.

"Remember, showing acts of kindness means putting others before yourself," added Haurin. "Though this is a nice gesture that will make you feel goo, it's also important to show yourself some kindness too. Caring for both others, as well as yourself, will help keep your life in a good balance."

If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, counseling and additional support can help.

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