Individual & Family Therapy

Whether it’s simply a helping hand or lifelong support, Acenda seeks to empower individuals of all ages to thrive and explore their greatest potential.

Children & Teens

We want to ensure all children can learn, grow, and develop to realize their fullest potential. Acenda Counseling & Wellness Centers strive to ensure youth of all ages are thriving inside and outside of the family unit.


For adults struggling with mental health challenges, we provide comprehensive, individualized care to develop healthy lifestyle practices and skills to support your overall well-being. 


Acenda clinicians utilize evidence-based therapy treatments to strengthen family bonds and improve overall communication, understanding, and stability. 

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"They are professional and compassionate. My family was in a much better place after our family therapy sessions."

"Fantastic place and phenomenal, caring people/staff! I highly recommend Acenda!"

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biracial youth speaking to a therapist

At Acenda, we understand the unique needs of the modern world—it can be tough balancing the responsibilities of family, friends, work, and your physical and mental health. Our team of highly trained clinicians quickly assess your needs, provide a customized treatment plan, and help to better your overall well-being.  

"My daughter's progress is obvious and encouraging."

"Acenda is a great organization with an amazing mission. They work hard to help and support the community."