Local Girl Scouts Help Robins’ Nest Through Silver Award Project

Two local Girl Scouts, Amanda McNally and Erika Adamson, dedicated their Silver Award service project to helping out the girls living at our Pettirosso Community Home.  Together, Amanda and Erika created and donated 18 quilts, 10 quilted Christmas stockings, 30 bracelets, handwritten note cards, and 5 garden stones to the girls living at Pettirosso.  The project culminated right before Christmas, so the residents were able to enjoy these beautiful items just in time for the holiday season.

“When the two of us with our four hands started the project, I never really thought that there would be so many more than four hands working on it. There were so many people who helped and I could not have been more grateful for all the hard work that everyone did. I’m so very happy that we carried it out and were able to make such an impact and have such an amazing experience,” said Amanda

“I had a lot of fun working on my Silver Award project, but I know it means a lot more than that. The hours I put into it made a difference in my life and others. Amanda and I gained a lot from this project, from communication skills to putting plans into action to caring about others. I hope this project inspires other girls to make a difference, and I hope it serves as a reminder there are always people who care,” said Erika.

Thank you to both of these wonderful young ladies for their commitment to Robins’ Nest and transforming lives through their compassion!