Being Kind Brings Meaning to Our Lives

Being Kind Brings Meaning to Our Lives

“No act of kindness, however small, is wasted.”  Aesop

As we mark Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, we should all consider taking the opportunity to do something nice for a stranger, family member, or coworker.  

Kindness takes on many forms, including being friendly, generous, and considerate. While kindness may be considered by some as a sign of weakness, that is far from the truth.  Being kind can require a lot of courage and strength.  

Current research shows that devoting yourself to others, rather than being self-absorbed, can create a satisfying life for yourself, including healthy relationships and a positive attitude. It can also help you stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Performing acts of kindness can reduce anxiety and stress, which all plays a role in overall health. 

man bringing older woman a cup of tea

Here are some ways you can express kindness to others while making yourself feel good at the same time: 

Celebrate someone’s success.

Maybe a friend has received a promotion. Maybe a loved one just received an award or completed a challenge.  Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts and offer congratulations. It will make a real difference for someone. 

Help someone who is struggling.

Is a co-worker is having a hard time with a project. Perhaps a friend just lost a loved one.  Do you know a child who might be struggling at school? Being there for that person, lending an ear, or a hug is a very effective way to show you care. 

Make a call to a loved one.

In today’s world of texting and social media, a phone call to someone who might be lonely or need to hear some kind words, can be so beneficial. You might also consider writing a handwritten note to someone. When that letter arrives, they will smile form ear-to-ear. 

Help a stranger.

Maybe an elderly person needs help crossing a street. Maybe a mom with a young child is juggling grocery bags and could use some help.  Ways of exhibiting kindness to strangers is all around us and can make a difference. 


Supporting individuals in the community that need us most is a true act of kindness. There are so many organizations that can use your support and acts of kindness, including Acenda! Each spring, we invite the community at large to participate in a morning of service. To learn more about Community Care Day or other volunteer opportunities visit our Get Involved page or contact development@acendahealth.org   

Every kind person is unique. You have your own set of talents, skills, knowledge and resources.  Why not use these traits every day to partake in an act of kindness? You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel. 

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