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Are Dating Apps Bad for Your Mental Health?

The coronavirus pandemic has made many long-lasting impacts, including changing the way we interact and socialize. Although we are... Read More

Powering Through the Pandemic: COVID-19 & Depression

Dealing with Depression in the Aftermath of COVID-19 Life is far from "normal," and it likely will never return... Read More

What are Sunday Scaries?

Signs, Symptoms, & Solutions for the Sunday Scaries We've all had that feeling—the night before a tough work week... Read More

National Recovery Month

The Road to Recovery is Not Easy, but it is Possible The COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges for those... Read More

Having Travel Anxiety in a Post-Coronavirus World? It’s Normal.

Tips to alleviate travel anxiety during and after the pandemic For some, travel has been a top priority despite... Read More

Burnout to Balance: Overcoming & Preventing Severe Exhaustion

Signs, Symptoms and Treatment for Burnout We’ve all experienced periods in our lives when everyday tasks or responsibilities start to feel exhausting and even the... Read More

What to do When Life Returns to Normal

How to handle the new normal coming out of quarantine We've heard the same buzzwords the past year over... Read More

Keep Up With Your Daily Routines for Improved Mental Health

Routine Repetition is good for you Most of us would admit that having a routine is a source of... Read More

Adapting Your Coping Skills as Society Reopens

How to handle anxiety in the next phase of the "new normal" Society is beginning to work towards reopening... Read More

Returning to School Amidst COVID-19

Supporting Students During the Transition For those of us who have school-age children, we know first-hand how the pandemic... Read More

Dealing with Pandemic Fatigue

Stop Pandemic Burnout in its Tracks  We are now more than eight months into the pandemic that has created a “new normal” and often... Read More

Entering a Season of Gratitude

#TeamAcenda shares what they’re most thankful for in 2020   The season of thankfulness is officially upon us! 2020 has... Read More