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Eat Well, Stay Healthy

It’s spring time which means we are starting to feel refreshed and revived. Our diet reflects this as well... Read More

I’ve Already Broken My New Year’s Resolution. Now What?

It’s a new year and many people feel that a new year means a fresh start with resolutions to... Read More

Positive Effects of Gardening on Mental Health

Sometimes you need to just stop and smell the roses. As you tilt your head down towards the buds... Read More

Impact of Mental Health for Millennials

Did you know that millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996, are sometimes referred to as the “burnout... Read More

Meditation Techniques for Mental Health

The Best Meditation for Mental Health Practices for 5 Different Situations Meditation has been used for a variety of... Read More

Keep Up With Your Daily Routines for Improved Mental Health

Routine Repetition is good for you Most of us would admit that having a routine is a source of... Read More

What should I do if my child’s grades are dropping?

Dear Acenda, Heading into 2021, my child's school is continuing a combination of online and in-person schooling amidst the... Read More

January is Get a Balanced Life Month

Positive Changes for Finding Balance We all seek balance in our lives, but it it not always so easy... Read More

Gender Equality Counts When It Comes to Women’s Mental Health

August 26 is Women’s Equality Day  In 1971, the U.S. Congress designated August 26 as Women’s Equality Day to mark the... Read More

Feeling Confident This Upcoming School Year

How Parents Can Help Their First-Time School Student Get Off to a Great Start  The new school year is... Read More

Too Much Zooming Got You Down?

Too Much Zooming Got You Down? The first couple of video calls were great. It was fun seeing everyone from work and... Read More

Stay Healthy for Better Productivity at Work

Stay Healthy for Better Productivity at Work! June is Professional Wellness Month We all want to do our best... Read More