Tips and Resources for School Year Success

Robins' Nest: Tips & Resources for School Year Success

With the summer nearing an end, it’s time to start thinking about all of the things a new school year brings with it: a new outfit and supplies for the first day, settling into a new routine involving homework, studying, and after-school activities, and making sure everyone gets to the bus stop on time. While these all may bring some stress and frustration to parents and caregivers with busy schedules, they are play a large part in making sure a child or teenager starts the school year off on the right foot.  Here are some additional tips and resources to help ensure your kids head back to school with a successful mindset and the confidence to take on a new school year.

1. Make sure you check your child’s school supply list well in advance.  It’s not just about pencils and folders anymore - depending on the grade level, many schools require specific items such as calculators, markers, and binders for the school year.  Stores like Target and Walmart often carry specific school supply lists for local districts. The earlier you can pick yours up, the better your chances of ensuring your kids’ backpacks are fully stocked for not just the first day, but the rest of the school year.

2. Help keep them organized.  This might not be as difficult for older kids, but for elementary and even middle school-aged children, both getting and staying organized can be a challenge.  Before they head to bed each night, check their backpacks to make sure everything is in its correct place, all homework has been completed, and any papers that need to be signed by a parent have been done so.  For children in older grades that have more to keep track of, recommend that they keep different notebooks and folders for each class so that notes and papers are easy to find.

3. Start the day off with a healthy, balanced meal.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this statement is even more true for school-aged children.  A healthy breakfast with fruits, dairy, and nutritious grains can help keep a child energetic and maintain their focus throughout the busy school day.

4. Make time for fun. Focusing on schoolwork is important, but making sure that a child has time to relax and blow off some steam plays a huge part in their success.  Set aside time after school or before bed for kids to relax with a book or time outdoors to get their minds off of school.

At Robins’ Nest, we do our part in making sure the children and families we serve are equipped for a fun and successful school year.  Each year, we call on the community to support our Backpack Drive and provide children in our programs with a new backpack and school supplies so they can head off to their first day of school with a smile on their face. You can make an impact on their success by donating new backpacks and school supplies now through Wednesday, August 15th.