Together for Mental Health Awareness

Every May, #TeamAcenda celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month. Each year comes a new theme; this year is Together for Mental Health. If anything, the pandemic has introduced us to innovative resources to continue to provide exceptional care to community members in need of mental health care.  

What is mental health? 

A person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being can be categorized as mental health. “Mental health can be defined as the overall wellbeing of someone’s psychology and emotions,” says Angela Skelley, Program Director for Juvenile Justice and Gloucester Prevention, Acenda Integrated Health. 

Factors contributing to mental health-related concerns can be:

  • Genetics 
  • Life events (abuse, trauma, etc.) 
  • Family history of mental health issues 
Providing World-Class Care 

We are honored to be able to serve so many children, families, and individuals throughout our communities. Our list of over 100 innovative programs is designed to put the patient’s satisfaction above all else. “The staff at Acenda work diligently to provide resources to families and clients to prevent an increase in mental health-related issues,” says Angela Skelley. 

Our commitment to providing care to as many patients as possible has led us to the opening of access points all throughout New Jersey. To view additional information about those access points, click here. 

Institute for Innovation 

As mental healthcare continues to become readily available, in 2021, we have launched the Acenda Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI). AIHI integrates insights from across Health & Human Services to advance our sector in the areas of InnovationPopulation HealthPolicy & Advocacy, and Research. 

AIHI creates a place for providers to innovate and educate. AIHI’s programming is designed to unlock the creative energy of healthcare leaders, staff members, academic institutions, foundation partners, and the community at large with the common goal of innovation and transformative health. These opportunities will support long-term sector growth that is sustainable, improves the lives of all members of our local communities, and support positive health outcomes across the state of New Jersey. 

Education meant to inspire 

With the launch of AIHI, comes additional resources for community members, healthcare leaders, and advocates to expand their knowledge on. AIHI has hosted several award ceremonies and webinars to recognize and inform industry professionals who are using innovation to move behavioral health care forward.

For more information about our mental health services, please call 844-4-ACENDA (844-422-3632 x9500).