They treat you like family…

“I feel like Acenda actually cares about me, my kids, our wellbeing, and about us growing to be a strong family.”

At Acenda, we support children, families and individuals as they overcome daily hardships and challenging circumstances to help them move forward in their journey towards health and happiness. With compassionate and innovative programs ranging from mental health & crisis services, parenting support, family-focused therapy, recovery and residential programming, Acenda is honored to be able to serve so many children, families, and individuals throughout New Jersey.

“Prior to Acenda, my life was very hopeless and I didn’t know which way to turn or what was going to happen. I went from not having anything to being able to buy a house and support my sons. I owe that to Acenda and the help they gave me.”

This holiday season, make a gift to move lives forward! Your support will help us continue to provide critical care to children, teens, and families across our New Jersey.