Grievance Policy

How to Voice a Concern

Our Mission:

Acenda is an integrated health care organization dedicated to industry-leading prevention, treatment and wellness services compassionately delivered to ensure that every individual, family and community achieves their greatest potential. 

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Client Bill of Rights

  1. Clients have the right to know what the problem is(from the perspective of the practitioner) in clear language that they can understand.
  2. Clients have the right to participate in selecting goals and objectives of their treatment.
  3. Clients have the right to know specifically what is going to happen during the intervention process –who is supposed to do what to whom and under what circumstances.
  4. Clients have the right to know how long the intervention is likely to last.
  5. Clients have the right to know alternative methods of dealing with their problems, and what the probability is that the one(s) selected will lead to successful resolution of their difficulties.
  6. Clients have the right to confidentiality except for when a client is being harmed or threatens to harm themselves or others. Acenda has a duty to warn and is legally obligated to report such information.
  7. Clients have the right to know what records will be kept and who will have access to them.
  8. Clients have the right to know in advance about the termination of services.
  9. Clients have the right to take increasing control over their own lives, so far as they are able, or to know (or have a guardian know) why this is not so.
  10. Clients have the right to be part of and informed about the evaluation of their own situation, in order that they may profit from and make decisions based on the data.
  11. Clients have the right to participate, on a voluntary basis,in agency research and evaluation. Their decision will not have any bearing on services provided now or in the future.
  12. Clients have the right to be treated with respect and to have agency worker use culturally sensitive methods in the treatment process.
  13. Clients have the right to know who in the agency should hear their concerns about any aspect of agency services and to be informed about how to voice their concerns most expediently


When to Express My Concern…

Your thoughts mean a lot to us. We are committed to providing you services that are individualized for your particular needs.Whenever you wish to voice an opinion,concern or question regarding your services,worker or treatment, please call us.

Acenda complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws. Acenda does not discriminate in regard toemployment or services on the basis ofrace, color, religion, national origin,ancestry, nationality, age, marital status,sexual orientation, sex, handicap, oratypical hereditary or cellular blood trait,service in the armed forces or any otherpersons protected by federal, state or localregulations.


What May be Some of  My Concerns?

  • Services ended suddenly
  • Services were reduced
  • Inconsistent sessions or missed appointments
  • A problem in communication• Not clear on services provided to me
  • Need further explanation about something
  • Unhappy with services or worker
  • Not included in setting treatmentgoalsYou will not be retaliated against for making a complaint or filing a grievance, nor will doing so negatively impact your participation in agency services or the quality of care provided to you.


The Steps I can follow

1. Try discussing the concern with your assigned staff.

If not satisfied…

2. Call 844-4 ACENDA and ask to speak with: The Program Supervisor

If not satisfied…

3. Call 844-4 ACENDA and ask to speak with: The Program’s Divisional VP of Program

If still not satisfied…

4. Call 844-4 ACENDA and ask to speak with: Gwen Houldsworth, Associate Vice-President of Quality, Compliance & Risk