2020 National Intern Day

Interns are Important to Any Organization 

National Intern Day is Thursday, July 30 and we at Acenda want to recognize our interns’ contributions to our organization on this day and throughout the yearInternships are an important part of a student’s growth and development as they prepare for full time work in their career field, but interns are also a wonderful benefit to host organizations.   

Interns are an integral part of program success. They bring new insights to ongoing discussions and provide high quality, supervised learning experiences to the clients we serve,” says Lori Jalkiewicz, LCSW, Internship CoordinatorAcendaHosting interns allows programs additional staffing support and greater access to university resources. It really is a win-win relationship. 

Here are 5 reasons why interns should be supported and valued by companies and organizations: 
intern working at her desk and writing in a notebook
  • Interns breathe life into a program and its staffThey have new ideas, fresh perspectives and varying insights based on their student mindset. 
  • They provide additional manpower needed to finish big projects or tasks.  
  • Interns utilize senior staff as supervisors, gain experience and build their resume.  
  • They turn into great employees! Often, both organizations and interns are so pleased with their experience that interns are later employed by the organization. Everyone enjoys hiring someone they know will be easy to train! 
  • Building relationshipswith universities and within their own networks. It’s a great way for interns to extend the organizations reach and visibility. There's no better publicity than word-of-mouth! 

If you have an intern working in your organization, tell them how much they are appreciated and counted on. It will mean a lot to them! To learn more about career opportunities visit our careers page, here.