Gratitude and Your Mental Health

'Tis the Season to be Thankful

November is National Gratitude Month! Gratitude is known as the appreciation of someone that did something for you, and the holidays are the perfect time to be thankful for those surrounding you. Gratitude can boost your mood, in turn improving your mental health. People who express positivity in their lives are shown to be happier and report decreased stress and depression. Spreading positivity can also help with social connections. People feel more more loved and connected with others who express positivity and gratitude.

Here are 3 simple gratitude practices to incorporate into your daily routine:
gratitude and mental health
  • Start the day with a gratitude list! Wake up each morning and write down a list of things that went well the day before. This allows you to reflect back on your actions and make any improvements for the future, as well as start the day off on a positive foot.
  • When you feel upset or angry about something, try to take a minute to yourself and look at the positive side of things. For each negative thought, think of three positive ones! It is always important to think about and appreciate things that you are thankful for.
  • End your day by sharing what you're thankful for. This is a common practice during the Thanksgiving holiday, but it's something that can be done every day! Try going around the dinner table, whether you are with family or friends, and each express something positive that happened during their day and what they are thankful for. This will allow others who are listening to be happy for their loved ones while also hearing how their day went.

The saying "attitude of gratitude" is a great reminder to be positive and thankful. These feelings go a long way!

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