Keep Up With Your Daily Routines for Improved Mental Health

Routine Repetition is good for you

Most of us would admit that having a routine is a source of comfort. Knowing what we will accomplish in a day helps us to stay on track and measure progress.

According to a study by researchers at Tel Aviv University, "predictable, repetitive routines are calming and help reduce anxiety. They'll also help you take control of your day and subsequently, your life."

"With the new year upon us, this is a good time to set and keep some routines for both yourself and your entire family," said William Higbee, LSW, Therapist, Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC). "With the pandemic, it has been difficult for everyone to have set routines because our lifestyles have changed. Taking small steps to add routines back into your daily life will make a positive change to how you feel."

Another study published in The Lancet Psychiatry found that "people who favor an active daytime routine over a nighttime one have healthier sleeping cycles." Interrupted sleep can result in mental health difficulties if it happens on a regular basis.

Try these 5 steps to keep to a routine and improve your well being:
woman writing in planner routines
  1. Keep a to-do list. It's an easy way to remember what you need to accomplish.
  2. Wake up and go to bed at the same time. Try your best to stick to a schedule. You will feel more refreshed and your schedule will follow a set pattern.
  3. Plan activities for yourself or your family. Organize a game night, take a walk at a certain time each day, or have TV time.
  4. Know your priorities. Each day, designate the most important tasks and complete them before going on to others.
  5. Get dressed. This may sound trivial, but with many of us being home more than before, we may be inclined to stay in our pajamas. This can make us sluggish and unproductive.

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