Summer Family Activities

Summer Solstice is Sunday, June 20, 2021

With the summer season officially beginning, what a better time of year to plan outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Here are 5 activities the whole family can enjoy this summer:
dad and daughter walking on the beach in the waves

1. Have a picnic: Pack lunch and go to your favorite local park or even your own back yard. Enjoy a family meal without any digital distractions all while soaking up the summer sun.

2. Plan a camping trip: Spend the weekend outdoors: fishing, swimming, or sitting by the campfire. Scheduling time to unplug and enjoy nature is a great way to strengthen family bonds.

3. Go for a bike ride: There's nothing like a summer family bike ride to keep the kids active and away from computer or phone screens.

4. Take a new family photo: Summer is a great time to take an updated family photo and save this moment in time. As the kids get older, you'll appreciate looking back on these beloved family moments.

5. Visit the Jersey Shore: With the beach just a car ride away, you can enjoy both the relaxing sound of the waves or play games on the boardwalk.

Making time for family activities strengthens emotional bonds, improves communication, and creates lifelong memories. Be sure to visit one of Acenda's Family Success Centers to participate in free family activities near in your local community.

FSCWebsiteFacebookPhone Number
Bird's Eyewww.birdseyefsc.orgBird's Eye Facebook(856) 517-9100
Connectionswww.connectionsnj.comConnections Facebook(856) 562-5927
Mosaicwww.mosaicfsc.orgMosaic Facebook(856) 347-4338
Oceanside Iwww.oceanside1fsc.orgOceanside I Facebook(609) 236-8800
Oceanside IIwww.oceanside2fsc.orgOceanside II Facebook(609) 594-4990
Orchardswww.orchardsfsc.orgOrchards Facebook(856) 513-8829
Oasiswww.oasisfsc.orgOasis Facebook(609) 994-0200
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