Why I Give – Barbara Wallace

Why I Give - Barbara Wallace

Our donors and volunteers make the community a better place for our children and families. In our series, Why I Give, we put the spotlight on some of the generous individuals helping to move our communities forward. This month we are recognizing Barbara Wallace.

Barbara Wallace | Supporter since 1998

When did you first get involved with Acenda?

I became a contributing advocate many years ago when two dynamic women, Angela Estes and Ruth London went through many challenges building programs for girls labeled as incorrigible.

What attracted you to the Acenda mission?

The passion and commitment of Ruth and Angie to these girls and their families solidified that a mission of caring love, counseling, mentoring and of integrating them into an embracing community, could change lives.

What motivates you to stay involved?

I have stayed involved all of these years because I believe in the mission. I stay involved because Ruth and Angie never accepted “status quo”. These two women continued through the challenges to expand the programs and build an agency with a total commitment to addressing children and families. Joining with Cape Counseling and New Point Behavioral is one of the most important mergers, I believe, could have occurred. With dwindling resources, it only made sense to collaborate with these two agencies to become Acenda.

Why do you volunteer/donate?

I am a strong and passionate advocate of children and families. Acenda and the staffs are strong and passionate advocates of children and families. The culture, professionalism and environment at Acenda has gained the respect and love of a community that appreciates all of the successes they have experienced in these many years.

What do you hope Acenda will achieve in the near future?

It is my hope and prayer that Acenda will continue to grow in service as the challenges of our world, our country and our state’s families navigate through these troubling times.

Do you have an anecdote about Acenda that really moved you?

Testimonials from clients and the committed sponsors and volunteers.

Why is being a donor so important to you?

We have lost many a generation to abuse and neglect, to homelessness and financial woes. Acenda offers an alternative that are far more valuable and cost effective than the cost to the prison pipeline.

What would you tell to others interested in getting involved with Acenda?

I would encourage people no matter the culture, ethnicity, status or otherwise, to volunteer for one of the Acenda programs. Request a tour. Seeing is believing.

Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your Acenda story! If you are interested in getting involved with Acenda, visit our get involved page or email development@acendahealth.org for upcoming opportunities.