Caring Professionals are Essential, but They Need Care Too!

A caring professional is someone who works in a field that is responsible for someone’s well being, whether physically or mentally. People that work in the field of social services and health are often caring people who enjoy helping others. While this type of profession can be rewarding, at times it can also be very trying and demanding, especially on one’s mental health. The most common reason for this is compassion fatigue.

Compassion fatigue occurs when someone persistently works with others that are struggling in life or in pain, and deals with the mental, emotional, and physical stressors that come with it. Caring professionals often feel the burden of others which can start affecting their frame of mind, thoughts, and overall well being outside of the workplace.

How do you know when you are experiencing compassion fatigue?

Feelings of helplessness. When you are not able to take others’ pain and discomfort away it can lead to feeling helpless.

Becoming desensitized. Being exposed to trauma and stress consistently can make you less empathetic.

Anxiety, Anger, Depression. You have increased negative emotions due to being exposed to adverse situations.

Difficulty sleeping. Often it can be hard to forget all the hurt and pain you experience at work causing sleep disturbances.

Ignoring your own self care. You are always taking care of someone else, causing you to neglect your own well being.

What can I do to avoid compassion fatigue?

Self-care is a must. Be in touch with your feelings and reach out to family and friends, and don’t hesitate to seek a caring professional for yourself.

Do things you enjoy. Take time for you and the things you like doing, whether it's catching a movie, reading a book, or exercising.

Set up a positive workspace. Have a place to work that brings you positive energy, whether it be plants, photos of loved ones, or anything else that brings you comfort.

Self appreciation. Celebrate your growth and compassion and know that you do make a major impact in the lives of others.

Selfcare professionals are essential and we THANK YOU for all you do! It takes a special person to care for someone else and though you may take on a lot of burdens, your skills, caring and empathy help improve the lives of many people.

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