Entering a Season of Gratitude

#TeamAcenda shares what they’re most thankful for in 2020  

The season of thankfulness is officially upon us! 2020 has been a very difficult year for all but we are so proud and grateful of our staff's unwavering commitment to this agency, our mission, and the community at large. Because of each and every one of our staff members, #TeamAcenda remains strong and committed to supporting those entrusted in our care.  

We are also incredibly grateful to our donors, community partners, and volunteers. With your generous support and passion for our missionAcenda has been able to continue moving lives forward despite the unprecedented circumstances.  

To embrace the spirit of gratitude, we asked some members of #TeamAcenda to share what they’re most thankful for this year: 

"I am grateful that in the midst of the pandemic, we have been able to continue to serve our families." -Tiffani Williams, Nurse-Family Partnership Program Director 

“I am grateful that I have co-workers who are more like family. While we share the common goal of providing top notch services to our clients, we are also invested in supporting each other.” -Jennifer Ortiz, Psychiatric Emergency Screener 

"I'm so grateful to work alongside amazing people every day at #TeamAcenda!  It's a privilege to work with such passionate, committed, supportive colleagues." -Gwen Houldsworth, Associate Vice-President of Quality, Compliance & Risk

greg speed
“I am grateful to the many business donors who continued to support Acenda despite the financial hardships they experienced during COVID-19. I am grateful to the Acenda staff who continued to be dedicated to our mission and put their clients first despite the many risks facing them with the virus. I am grateful to our Senior Executive Leadership who continued to find ways to support their teams in serving our clients. I am grateful to our staff who while working remotely, were tasked with balancing their work-life and caring for school-age children.”
-Greg Speed, Chief Integration Officer 

“This year I am very grateful to be part of an Agency and Visitation Team that rallied together during uncertain times, proving how strong Acenda is! It was amazing to have witnessed the qualities that were able to be built and strengthened during this pandemic, like resiliency, flexibility, adaptability and innovation. I am grateful to have navigated through this crisis with the best Agency and Visitation Team!  #AcendaStrong” -Lisa Bennet, Senior Program Director, Visitation Services 

“For my health as well as my family members health!” -Lisa LeeFamily Partner, RFSC 

“This year, I'm extraordinarily grateful for my incredible teams in PESS-G and IOC-CGS. Throughout this incomprehensible year, they have continued working with clients in the community to ensure that the individuals we serve get essential mental health services. They have continued this work through it all, rising to meet every challenge while continuing to give outstanding care to the people we work with. I am truly grateful to work with such excellent people!”
-Jessica Brock-Pitts, PESS-G & IOC-CGS Director
jessica brock-pitts

“I am grateful to still be able to work whether it be in the office or remotely during this very difficult time.” -Becky Concilio , Administrative Assistant, PESS 

“Everything God has done for me and given to me. I am grateful for my family, our health, our home, and love. I am grateful to be employed and work with awesome people. I am grateful and blessed that we have be able to protect ourselves from the pandemic and continue to pray we remain safe from it.” -Heidi Dougherty, Fresh Start  

My awesome supportive family who never cease to make me feel loved and for life itself!!” -Stephanie Soman, Nurse-Family Partnership  

jessica brock-pitts
“I am grateful for so, so much. But I absolutely love my job! I get the opportunity to help people on a regular basis. I get to make connections with a variety of families. I get to help people find their own strengths and help them shine! I have amazing staff who put their entire effort into everything that they do. They are truly making a difference in our participants lives and for that I am eternally grateful!”
-Danielle Mitchell, Program Supervisor, Orchards Family Success Center

“2020 has been such a difficult year with so many unforeseen challenges. I still find myself grateful for some many things. I am extremely grateful for my entire team! They have been so flexible, understanding, and quick to respond when experiencing all of the changes to their positions due to COVID. They have shown me that although these changes are difficult their goals are to still meet the need of their clients and support one another as a team! I am extremely grateful!” -Amanda Miranda, Family Ties, Program Director 

“I could probably list many things that I am grateful for, but when I think about what sparks by drive my children are all I see. I love the work I do and the opportunity to assist our young adults in being independent, driven, and successful. I want to be the best I can be for my youth, but it starts at home. I wake up every day and see the smiling faces of my two beautiful children and remind myself that my actions will guide them through life. My children give me the drive and dedication that I apply to my career and the individuals we serve. The beauty of it all is that they have no idea the positive impact they have on their mother and the work I do.” -Cassandra Belson, Independent Living Coordinator, Life Link Homes 

Despite a challenging year, #TeamAcenda is able to look on the bright side and celebrate this season of gratitude. Thank you to all of those who continue to support our mission each and every day. We look forward to an even brighter 2021!