Keeping Minds Healthy During the Summer

Keeping Minds Healthy During the Summer

Summer can be a whirlwind of a time for children and teens. In school, students’ days are filled with structure, lessons, activities, and a circle of friends. Once school is over, everything changes, and it can have serious effects on the mental and physical health of a child. After completing an active school year, children need to be equally engaged during the summer. Below are four ways to keep your children both physically and mentally well during the summer.

daughter staying mentally well with rest


2. Keep their Body Moving.

“A healthy body leads to a healthy mind” — It sounds cliché but only because it is true! Physical activities are good for both child and parent and are a great way to strengthen bonds. Take advantage of the longer days with your children by visiting parks, playing soccer on the front lawn, or going for a swim. Children often find any activity fun, so get creative with staying active. 


mother keeping children mentally well by reading with them

4. Schedule a Family Trip.

Whether it is a day trip to the beach or a week camping trip, plan a family outing outside of the house. A change of scenery is great for the curious mind of the child and is a great way to make life-long memories with the entire family. When the family-unit is mentally well and flourishing, children develop confidence and thrive themselves.  

1. Make sure they rest.

Rest is mentioned time and time again because it’s highly important and often overlooked. With longer days, warmer nights, and no school to wake up for, children embrace the freedom of having a late or nonexistent bedtime. To ensure your child is getting enough rest over the summer break, set a bedtime that is slightly later than their school bedtime. Of course, there will be fun filled days that run into the night but maintaining a routine will keep them both physically and mentally well. This small adjustment will also make the transition back to school much easier. 


family staying physically well by playing soccer

3. Keep their Minds Active.

Keeping a child’s brain active is just as important as keeping their hands occupied. Most schools participate in summer reading which is an excellent way to keep children engaged and give them a goal to complete. Parents can encourage their children to read by having their own mini book club. Pick a book to read together and take an evening to discuss. Another way to keep a child’s mind stimulated is to find a group brainy activity such as an escape room. Escape rooms are fun for families because they require teamwork, cooperation, and wit. It’s the perfect balance of fun and learning. Also, check out Acenda Integrated Health’s Family Success Centers! There are nine across Southern New Jersey that offer stimulating family-friendly activities all year long. Take a look at your local center’s website to see what is going in your town! 

family staying mentally well by taking camping trip together

If children or teens become overwhelmed, counseling is a wonderful tool to work through feelings of anxiety. Many people enter counseling to help them during a short period of time. Having your child meet with a counselor over the summer can help them adjust between school years, changing routines, and the natural aches and pains that come with adolescence. We offer counseling services that can be beneficial to both children and teenagers who need a little guidance. For more information, please call 844-4-ACENDA (844-422-3632.)