Penji – We’re all in this together!

Acenda and Penji collaborate for the good of the community.

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Acenda has received some great news! We have been accepted into a non-profit partnership program with Penji, an on-demand unlimited graphic design service. Penji’s Unlimited Program was created to ensure non-profits in the local area can have access to great design work. Throughout our partnership, we will receive top-quality design work allowing us to better promote our programs and services to the communities we serve.


Helping those who help others

“This program is Penji’s way of saying thank you to those dedicated to bettering the lives of others. It’s our commitment to helping those who are making sacrifices to help others. Thank you for everything you’ve done for your community.”

In addition to offering graphic design services at a highly discounted rate to non-profits and social-impact startups, Penji pledges 10% of its monthly profits to help those who are helping others.

We are so grateful for what Penji is doing to support organizations in our local community and for selecting us to be a part of this impactful program that will help us empower children, families, individuals and communities across New Jersey.

To learn more about Penji’s services and offerings visit penji.co.