Summer Family Activities

Summer is here and what better time than now to start planning some enjoyable activities for the entire family?  Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a walk through the park, preparing a seasonal meal, pitching a tent in the backyard, or playing games outdoors, the warm weather makes endless possibilities for fun.

There are many good ideas to keep the kids and adults busy throughout the summer. Consider activities such as exercise routines, culinary adventures, craft-making sessions, or even conducting fascinating science experiments.

Explore our summer adventure recommendations:

1. Organize a picnic: Pack lunch and go to your favorite local park or backyard. Enjoy a family meal without any digital distractions all while soaking up the summer sun.

2. Plan a Camping Trip: Spend the weekend outdoors: fishing, swimming, or sitting by the campfire. Scheduling time to unplug and enjoy nature is a great way to strengthen family bonds.

3. Go for a Bike Ride: There's nothing like a summer family bike ride to keep the kids active and away from computer or phone screens. Exploring the outdoors and enjoying quality time together is a fantastic opportunity.

family activities to do in the summer

4. Capture a New Family Portrait: Summer is a great time to take an updated family photo and save this moment in time. As the children grow older, you'll cherish these beloved family memories.

5. Visit the Jersey Shore: With the beach just a short car ride away, you can enjoy the waves' relaxing sound or play games on the boardwalk.

Devoting time to family activities strengthens emotional bonds, improves communication, and creates lifelong memories. Engaging in activities together allows family members to learn from one another, appreciate each other's unique qualities, and build a sense of unity and togetherness that transcends individual differences.

For more FREE summer activities in New Jersey, we encourage you to check out the family activities available at a Family Success Center near you.