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Our donors and volunteers make the community a better place for our children and families. In our series, Why I Give, we put the spotlight on some of the generous individuals helping to move our communities forward.  

South Jersey Federal Credit Union | Donor Since 1998 

When did you first get involved with Acenda 

South Jersey Federal Credit Union has supported Acenda for many years. In fact, it’s been so long that I don’t remember a time that we weren’t involved with charity. When Robin’s Nest, Cape Counseling Services, and NewPoint Behavioral Health Care merged to form Acenda in July of 2019, we were happy to continue supporting the new organization as it expanded both its footprint and its range of community services. 

What motivates you to stay involved? In your opinion, what is the most important work that Acenda does?  

We appreciate the fact that Acenda can be counted on when its services are needed most. In times of crisis, families and individuals can turn to the organization for counseling, assistance, and support. From Mobile Response and Stabilization Services, which provide crisis intervention for children within the hour, to the Nurse-Family Partnership for new and expectant parents to Older Adult Services for seniors and their caregivers, Acenda supports individuals and families through a variety of challenges, throughout every stage of their lives. 

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Why is being a donor so important to you?  

Credit unions are inherently community-oriented, and South Jersey Federal Credit Union in particular is dedicated to supporting the organizations that improve the world around us. We’re fortunate to have an organization like Acenda that does so much for so many people facing a wide range of challenges. Acenda helps individuals and families become and stay healthy, and in turn, our communities become healthier and stronger.  

Why do you volunteer/donate?  

South Jersey Federal Credit Union’s mission is similar to Acenda’s mission in that we both support the organizations that have the greatest impact on the communities we serve. With more than 100 programs, and with locations throughout every county in Southern New Jersey, Acenda is clearly making an impact. We’re proud to help such a worthwhile organization improve lives throughout Southern New Jersey.  

Do you have an anecdote about Acenda that really moved you?  

I read a moving testimonial from a veteran who had received help dealing with anxiety through Acenda’s Heroes Hope Program. As a veteran who served in the New Jersey Army National Guard for 28 years, I was happy to see that Acenda was able to make a difference in the life of a fellow veteran.  

What would you tell to others interested in getting involved with Acenda 

I would urge others not to delay in getting involved with Acenda. The pandemic and resulting recession have made it more difficult for virtually all nonprofit organizations to raise funds, yet their services are needed now more than ever. If you have the time to volunteer or the means to donate, this is the organization to support, and now is the time to do it. Based on our experience and our relationships with the leadership and staff at Acenda, we can tell you that your resources will be put to excellent use. 

Thank you, South Jersey Federal Credit Union, for sharing your Acenda story! If you are interested in getting involved with Acenda, visit our get involved page or email development@acendahealth.org for upcoming opportunities.