5 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Fostering Confidence in Your Child or Teen for a More Satisfied Life

We all want the best for our children and hope that we are serving as positive role models in their development. An important attribute that can help a child succeed in life is confidence.

"As a parent, there are numerous ways to help build self-esteem in your children," said Sarah McKenzie, LAMFT, Therapist, Counseling and Wellness Center, Acenda. "It should first start with the parent exhibiting confidence in themselves, as children tend to follow what they see in their parents and what actions they take."

Parents can help improve their child's self-esteem by following these 5 tips:
child's self-esteem mother and daughter talk

1. Highlight your child's strengths. No one is good at everything. Some children are better studiers, some children are better at sports. Focus in on what your child is good at and give them praise for their accomplishments.

2. Identify their talent. Maybe it's acting, dance, a sport, or perhaps art. No matter the hobby or skill, take note of what your child is interested in and encourage your child to continue pursuing it.

3. Be a companion for your child. The more you spend time together the more you will stay in tune with your child's hopes and desires. Even if your time together is short, give it your full attention and make them feel wanted and valued.

4. Help with challenges in school. For children, falling behind in a subject at school can deflate their egos and lower a child's self-esteem. Make sure they are getting the help they need and praise them for the good work they are doing when they get a good grade.

5. Encourage socialization. Making friends and participating in group activities is a great way for children to develop relationships with others, gain a sense of acceptance, and increase their self-confidence.

McKenzie added, "It is important to instill good values to our children and even more important to make them feel confident in their abilities and to have a positive self-image."

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