Embracing Therapy & Support for the New Year

Let's step into 2024 with a positive focus on what truly matters—YOU. This year, prioritize your mental health and well-being because it's just as crucial as taking care of your physical health.

Even when life throws challenges your way, it's perfectly okay to look forward to better days. Putting yourself first might feel a bit new, but when it comes to mental health, it's as essential as looking after your body. Therapy is like a supportive friend on your journey to feeling great.

Explore these simple steps to start off a happy and healthy year.
embracing therapy in the new year

1. Set realistic resolutions. New Year's resolutions can be a helpful tool if used correctly. To put yourself in the best position to achieve your goals this year, personal or professional, it's important to make sure they are SMART. Learn more what this acronym means in our blog, How to Set Realistic Goals for Personal and Professional Growth.  

2. Build a strong support system. Whether it's family, friends, neighbors, or a therapist, reaching out and building a strong network of supporters is influential to your mental health. If you're struggling, be open and honest and don't be afraid to ask for help.

3. Embrace therapy. Seeking professional help is one of the best things you can do for yourself, so try embracing therapy for the new year. Whether you're diagnosed with a mental illness or not, learning various coping mechanisms and talking through emotions is a great skillset to learn.

4. Spread awareness. While society is moving in the right direction, there is unfortunately still widespread stigma against mental illness. Be an advocate by sharing your own story, referring friends to therapy, and openly discussing mental health without shame.

Seize the opportunity to transform your life and prioritize mental health. By embracing therapy for the new year, 2024 is sure to be your best yet!

If you're struggling with mental health this new year, licensed clinicians in our Counseling & Wellness Centers are here to help.