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Whether it’s simply a helping hand or lifelong support, Acenda seeks to empower individuals of all ages to thrive and explore their greatest potential.

We are many things to many people, but at the core of Acenda is our mission-driven, compassionate, and devoted team focused on purposeful progress to better individuals, families, and communities.

Acenda provides over 100 life-enhancing programs and services to individuals, families, and communities throughout New Jersey.

Mental Health Resource Center

Acenda awarded $1 million grant to launch New Jersey’s first public health institute

PRESS RELEASE Institute will be the first nationwide with advancing health equity as founding priority PRINCETON, NJ (September 20,...

Preparing Your Child For College: Why Talking About Mental Health Is Imperative

Has your child been selected for their dream college? If yes, you certainly feel excited and obliged to arrange...

Caring Professionals are Essential, but They Need Care Too!

A caring professional is someone who works in a field that is responsible for someone’s well being, whether physically...

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