Holiday Gift Guide for Your Loved One with Mental Illness

5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

As the holidays grow closer, gift giving may be top of mind. When planning out what to get your loved ones, it's worth it to take the time and put in the effort to give a truly special gift to a loved one with mental illness. The holidays are a happy time, but it may be a struggle for someone suffering mental health issues.

Show your family member or friend that you truly care with these 5 gift ideas

1. Personalized gifts

A gift is always better when it's personalized! A simple engraving, hand-written letter, or framed photograph can be a thoughtful, supportive gift. Your loved one can reflect on these personalized items when they're feeling down or sad as a reminder that they are loved.

holiday gift guide daughter and father

2. Self-care gifts

Self-care is a great practice for any individual! Setting aside time for oneself is difficult, but a simple gift of self-care can help lead your loved one in the right direction. You can go down a more traditional route with a bundle of face washes, healthy teas, exercise equipment, etc. or try a different option by giving a gift certificate. Gift a spa certificate for a self-care day, try a home cleaning gift certificate, or a trial of a food home delivery service. Often the things that seem the easiest to others, eating, cleaning, washing, etc., can be the hardest for those suffering.

3. Comfort gifts

Comfort is always welcome! Weighted blankets are a great gift for someone suffering from anxiety, as well as fuzzy socks and sweaters. Any gift that evokes the senses is a great option. For example, candles or essential oils for smell or a white noise machine for hearing.

4. Quality time

One of the best gifts you can give to someone who is struggling with mental illness is one-on-one together time. Rather than just promising to spend time with them, purchase tickets for an experience you can enjoy together. Get creative and make your own coupon book for them to redeem different interactive items.

5. Self-empowerment books

Self-help books or books about mental illness can be a great gift. Non-fiction autobiographies or memoirs can show that they're not alone in their experience and offer potential solutions. Check out books about mental health for children, young adults, and adults here!

Holidays are about joy, family, and togetherness. While the season certainly isn't all about presents, giving a thoughtful gift to a loved one with mental illness can be an effective way to show your support.

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