What are Sunday Scaries?

Signs, Symptoms, & Solutions for the Sunday Scaries

We've all had that feeling—the night before a tough work week when the intrusive thoughts creep in. The anticipatory dread of a Monday morning and projects you may have put aside for the weekend come creeping in and begin to affect your mental wellbeing. There's a name for this in today's day and age: the Sunday scaries.

What are the Sunday scaries?

The term Sunday scaries is a recent addition to modern lingo. Urban Dictionary defines it as, "The feeling you have after a long week of work, and when Sunday hits you question your entire existence. Typically characterized by laying in bed all day and both regretting past decisions and questioning your seemingly non-existent future". While the term may stem from college days, the pandemic and latest generation entering the workforce has brought the Sunday scaries into the professional world.

Nowadays, many adults feel a crippling sense of dread when thinking of the work week ahead on a Sunday evening. A recent Linkedin study revealed that of the 3,000 Americans surveyed, 66% report feeling anxious or stressed on Sunday. That same study also reported that 41% of respondents feel the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the Sunday scaries.

sunday scaries
What are the symptoms of the Sunday scaries?

Every individuals may experience Sunday scaries in their own unique way. At the core of the issue, it's a form of anticipatory anxiety, or a debilitating worry about something that has yet to happen. A few common symptoms may include:

  • restlessness
  • upset stomach
  • irritability
  • sense of unease
  • panic attack
  • lethargy
How can I beat the Sunday scaries?

Here are 5 suggestions to combat Sunday scaries:

1. Find the root of the issue. When you experience these feelings, ask yourself if there may be a tangible cause to your worry. It could be a looming deadline, a relationship with a supervisor, or an upcoming meeting. Identifying a specific situation can help address those feelings and prepare for the week ahead.

2. Practice self-compassion. Don't be so hard on yourself! This is a common phenomenon, and you are not alone in this feeling. Sometimes, 2 days off just isn't enough for mental wellbeing. Don't be afraid to take a mental health day to nurture your mind.

3. Seek professional help. Therapy is a great tool to learn different healthy coping mechanisms for your anxieties.

4. Make Sundays enjoyable. While it may not be possible to rearrange your work schedule for the week, it is in your power to schedule something to look forward to on Sundays. For example, a game night with friends or a family dinner can help distract from unwanted anxieties.

5. Plan ahead for the week. Rather than avoiding thoughts of the week ahead, it may be helpful to tackle it head-on and organize your week. Go over deadlines, meetings, and responsibilities and work on time management.

The Sunday scaries may be here to stay, but there are steps to take to help confront those feelings of anxiety before a work week. If you or a loved one is suffering from anxiety or mental health issues, clinicians in our Counseling & Wellness Centers are here to help.

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