What is Social Wellness?

July is Social Wellness Month

Social wellness is a combination of a few different factors— nurturing not only yourself, but your relationships and building a strong reciprocal support system. Take the time to consciously make the effort to check in and practice a few techniques to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Here are 4 easy ways to boost your social wellness:
two young adults walking outside together social wellness

1. Practice self-care. While the social in social wellness may lead you to believe it's all about interaction with others, taking care of yourself is a huge part of leading a healthy life! You can't help others without first helping yourself. Make sure to take time out of each day to relax, exercise, keep up with hobbies, etc. If you're feeling the stress of caring for others, you are not alone! Ask for help or join a support group.

2. Get active together. Being physically active with others helps your physical AND mental health! Exercising with others has great effects on your health while building community connections. Start a walking group with neighbors, join a local gym, take exercise classes, and connect with other families to spend active time together.

3. Make new connections. Fostering existing relationships is great, but expanding your social network and making new connections breathes new life into your social wellness. Try joining a group for your favorite hobby, learn a new skill with others, volunteer in the community, or anything to get you out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

4. Build healthy relationships. A relationship is only beneficial if it's a strong, healthy connection. To make sure your relationships stay healthy, be sure to share your feelings honestly, keep the conversation open, listen to the other person, and practice compromise. Don't forget to set boundaries!

If you or a loved one are struggling with your wellness, clinicians in our Counseling & Wellness Centers can help.

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