What To Expect in Family Counseling

How to Prepare for Your First Family Therapy Session

In many ways, the first family therapy session is very similar to the first individual therapy appointment, but there are of course nuances to working with a group of people rather than a single person. Each family is different, depending on children's ages, socioeconomic status, race, and more demographical differences, so each experience is unique. However, the first session is typically the same—a first introduction and get-to-know-you session.

Make sure that you find the right therapist for your family. Many family therapists utilize different techniques or strategies, so it's important to find a counselor that clicks with the needs of your family. Reading reviews or getting doctor referrals can help lead you to that right person. It's important that every member of the family is comfortable with the choice of counselor to ensure maximum efficiency of therapy.

Once you've made the appointment, the nerves or apprehension may set in. Educate yourself and your family to prepare to go into your appointment with confidence.

Here are 3 things you can expect in family counseling:

family counseling

1. Identify: The first step is to identify the issue or problem that has brought your family to therapy. Your therapist may ask to speak with the children separate from their parents to get a better idea of each individual's feelings towards the situation. Identifying the problem will also help guide your therapist's plan of action.

2. Examine: Once the problem(s) are identified, it's time to delve deeper to examine the root of the issue. The therapist will likely look into the different roles each family member plays and the various ways the family works together to problem solve and address complications. Some families may tend to sweep things under the rug while others may act out.

3. Explore: After your therapist has a good understanding of your family, they will formulate a plan moving forward. They will help your family explore different patterns of behavior and introduce various problem solving techniques and education to address the overall mental health of the family.

If family counseling is something you're considering, Acenda offers a variety of family services. Qualified Acenda clinicians work with families to better parenting skills and offer community resources for their children to receive the necessary care to grow and develop. Our focus is to promote positive parenting, child wellbeing, and strong family bonds.

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