Celebrating April Holidays: The New Normal Way

Celebrating April Holidays: The New Normal Way

April is a month of holidays that we would usually celebrate with family and friends. But, as we continue to practice physical distancing, we have found ourselves being unable to mark these milestones the way we did before COVID-19.   

happy parents celebrating april holiday with their young daughter

With Easter falling on Sunday, April 12, Passover being celebrated April 8-16and Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims, celebrated April 23-May 23, we must all find ways to keep up with our traditions during this “new normal.”

We can still celebrate with our immediate family as we remain quarantined, but we cannot gather with our extended family and friends. Though disappointing to miss these much-anticipated in-person events with a large group, there's a shred of silver lining...technology makes it possible for some of us to enjoy the holidays virtually with one another. 

Here are five ways to observe the holidays while practicing physical distancing:
  1. Use a videoconferencing tool like Google Hangouts or Zoom to host a holiday family meal “together”. Everyone will have to provide their own food preparations, but at least everyone can participate in the holiday and enjoy a meal together.  
  2. If a caterer or restaurant is offering take-out catering for the holidays, why not support a local business? And you won’t have to cook! 
  3. Set up an Easter egg hunt in your home.  It’s not as fun as outdoors, but the kids will still love it! 
  4. Have the kids prepare a holiday skit. Let the kids get creative! Have them make costumessceneryand record the skit to send it to family and friends.  
  5. As a family, write some holiday cards and take them to a local senior living community or nursing home to cheer the residents up. You will not be allowed inside, but you can notify the staff at the facility and drop them off at their door. 

“It’s important for everyone to try to embrace and celebrate the holidays despite these unusual circumstances,” explained Bridget DeFiccio, Senior Vice President, Integrated Health, Acenda. “The holidays can also be a time of loneliness for some who may not have family or friends to celebrate with. If you know someone who might be alone, ask them to enjoy virtually with you.” 

If you are feeling some anxiety or even depression anticipating the holidays, our clinicians are available to help during this uncertain time via our telehealth services. Call our main number at 844-4-ACENDA (844-422-3632) for more information.

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