Depression Support is Out There

You Are Not Alone

If you are struggling with depression, you may have experienced the feelings of isolation, sadness, confusion and anger. Having to go through all of this alone can be very trying at times. You may feel like isolating yourself further from the rest of the world, but that can actually make you feel worse. 

“If someone is going through depression, the natural tendency is to curl up and hide from everyone so as not to have to face them and deal with the struggles,” said Jennifer Kugler, LPC, ACS, Senior Program DirectorBehavioral Health Services. “Doing so can just reinforce those feelings of depression and lead to even more mental health issues.”  

Support is very important and can happen in several ways.  A depressed individual can get help through family and friends, counseling, both individual and group, and support groups.  

Here are 4 beneficial ways to seek help during a depressive state: 
depression support group
  1. Support groups can help. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illnessone of the best things you can do to combat depression is to seek out emotional support from others who also experience depression.  
  2. Turn to family and friends.  Although they may not understand first-hand what depression feels like, they have your best interests in mind and are available to listen and support you. 
  3. Stay active.  It’s important to keep working, enjoy hobbies and make time for others.  Trying to maintain your normal schedule will help normalize your life.  Withdrawing can make matters worse. 
  4. Counseling is important. Working with a professional who understands depression and how to treat it is beneficial to recovery.  

Remember, you are not alone and there is help out there,” added Kugler.  “Don’t be ashamed to reach out to everyone in your circle of family and friends, along with professionals, who can work with you towards a goal of feeling better.” 

If you or someone you know needs support, our counseling and telehealth services can help.  Call our main number at 844-4-ACENDA (844-422-3632 x9500) for more information.