How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday

Stay calm and celebrate on 

The holiday season can be filled with all kinds of emotions. For some of us, it is a joyous and happy time filled with family and friends and celebrations. For others, it can be one of the loneliest times of the year, especially if times are difficult or loved ones are not near. And for others, it can be very stressful, with so much to do, like shopping for gifts and planning holiday meals.  

The stress and anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with the holidays is challenging and now that we are contending with a pandemic as well, I expect these stressors to be heightened.” explains Jessica Haurin, LPCProgram Therapist, Adolescent Supportive Housing.  “With concerns over social distancing, our normal celebrations may look quite different and holiday family traditions may not be able to happen. 

Here are four tips to help get through the holiday season and feel less stressed along the way: 
virtual stress free holiday gift opening
  1. Make some time for yourself. The holiday season can feel like you are constantly on the go and doing for others. Take a break and enjoy some “me” time.
  2. Embrace new ways to celebrate. If gathering with family or friends in-person adds logistical stress and mental anguish, plan a virtual holiday where everyone can celebrate safely.
  3. Avoid crowds. Sometimes crowded stores can even add stress, so consider making homemade holiday presents. These gifts will be extra special and meaningful for your loved ones.
  4. Stay rested. Stress builds when we aren’t feeling our physical or mental best. It’s especially important to get plenty of rest even as our schedules get busier. Getting enough sleep will ward off illnesses and avoid built up tensions.

If you or someone you know is going through a stressful time, counseling and additional support can help. Call our main number at 844-4-ACENDA (844-422-3632 x9500) for more information about our counseling and telehealth services.