Child Abuse Prevention Month Prevention Activities

Robins’ Nest Prevention and Parent Education Programs educate new parents and provide them with resources and supports to raise healthy babies and ultimately achieve self-sufficiency.  Staff in these programs work to encourage protective factors that promote child well-being, reduce risks of child abuse, build family capacity, and foster resilience within a family.   

As a member of our caring community, you can help us promote these protective factors both within your own family and in your community.  Below is a list of activities courtesy of www.childwelfare.gov that parents and individuals can participate in to help prevent child abuse.

Activities for Parents

  1. Praise your children often when you see them doing something “good.”
  2. Teach your child to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  3. Hold, cuddle, and hug your children often.
  4. Volunteer at your child’s school.
  5. Reflect on the parenting you received as a child and how that impacts how you parent today.
  6. Make time to do something YOU enjoy.

For a full calendar of activities for parents, click HERE.

Activities for Community Leaders and Participants

  1. Create a community swap event for families to trade items such as books, school supplies, or clothes.
  2. Collaborate with a business to sponsor a family day or family night at a sporting event.
  3. Ask local businesses to provide transportation for families to local churches, temples, or mosques.
  4. Set up a parenting display near the children’s book section at your library. Include information and books on behavior, emotions, etc.
  5. Ask businesses to consider including parenting tips in their advertising or on product packaging.
  6. Sponsor a health or job fair.

For a full calendar of activities for community leaders, click HERE