Healing Hearts & Minds (HHM)

Healing Hearts & Minds (HHM)

  • Counties served:

    Atlantic, Cape May, Ocean

  • Focus:

    In-home, Parenting, Recovery, Therapy

Healing Hearts and Minds (HHM) is a free and voluntary program that helps parents with pre- and post-substance use treatment. We provide clinical services to parents and their entire families throughout the recovery process. Therapists will provide services helping to better you and your family’s lives by assisting with coping skills, fostering healthy parent-child interactions, processing trauma, teaching healthy relationship skills, learning boundaries, and other therapeutic interventions as needed.  Peer recovery specialists will be available for additional recovery support, case management needs, and resource linkages.

Who is Eligible?
Parents of children 0-17 who reside in Ocean, Atlantic, or Cape May Counties with current or recent substance use.
What is the referral process?
Referrals can be self-referrals or come from any source. There is a simple referral source or an email can be sent to hhm@acendahealth.org Click here for more information.


+1 (844) 422-3632 x9500