School Based Youth Services

School Based Youth Services

  • Counties served:

    Cape May

  • Focus:

    Counseling, Crisis, Education, Life Skills

School Based Youth Services (SBYS) seeks to help young people navigate the adolescent years and graduate healthy and drug-free.

Who does SBYS serve?
SBYS serves students at Cape May County Technical High School (Cape Tech) and Lower Cape May Regional High School (LCMR). Educational presentations and interactive workshops involve the entire student body. Approximately 75% of students receive individual support at some time during their high school career.

What services does SBYS provide?
Life Coaching to guide students in accomplishing their personal goals such as improving health, boosting grades, saving money, applying/interviewing for a job, stopping vaping/smoking, etc. Informal supportive counseling for individuals and families. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate working families. For those who require additional assistance, we can conduct an intake for clinical therapy and/or a psychiatric evaluation through Acenda Integrated Health. Class presentations and lunch-time groups covering pregnancy prevention, substance use, employment skills, decision making, nutrition, stereotyping, resolving conflicts, etc.


Cape Tech: (609) 380-0209 ext. 686 | LCMR: (609) 884-3475 ext. 361