Whatever It Takes: A New Staff Member’s Perspective

By: Alyssa Tritschler, Glassboro Family Success Center

Like many individuals beginning a new chapter of their lives, a number of emotions can take control of your body. Whether you are beginning a new career, moving to a new city, falling in love and committing yourself to marriage, or beginning any milestone, it can be difficult to find your place in an organization or relationship. As for myself, I recently graduated and decided to begin a new career.

Transitioning from one career to another comes with quite the learning curve. On my first day at Robins’ Nest Inc., I was nervous for typical reasons such as meeting new co-workers and applying skills to a position I had never attempted prior. Whenever I was able to rid my mind of these thoughts, our mission statement kept coming back to me. Would I be able to transform the lives of others as the founders and current employees have? I knew I wanted to make an impact on the community and thought Robins’ Nest Inc. would be a great place to begin. Despite knowing I had the perfect opportunity and outlet to succeed in this goal, it was difficult to see the end result.

This feeling ceased instantaneously when one distinct woman put my mind at ease and made me truly believe I was so lucky to have found Robins’ Nest. This woman is Ruth London, our founder. During New Hire Orientation, Ruth and the members of the Senior Management team came to speak about their own experiences with Robins’ Nest. It became apparent that many people spent between five to ten years, or even more with the organization. In that moment, it was clear this was a place not everyone is fortunate enough to find. As we all sat around the table, each member of the Senior Management team urged Ruth to tell just one more story about the early stages of Robins’ Nest. As I looked around the room, I could see that not only the new hires like myself hearing these stories for the first time, but even the Senior Management team who must have heard them before, were completely immersed by everything Ruth had to say. We learned about her vision for Robins’ Nest and how she was able to lift the organization off the ground. We learned about her motivated attitude and capability to problem solve on her own. We listened as she reminisced about a leaking roof that needed fixing, and that she knew herself and Angie could fix it if they just got on top of the roof. With every situation Ruth was faced, she approached it with the attitude whatever it takes.

Most importantly, we learned of the many responsibilities Ruth has taken on as part of the organization. Currently, she serves at Robins’ Nest Chief People Officer. “Basically, your job is to make sure the employees love it here as much as you do,” Dr. Anthony DiFabio, CEO and President of Robins’ Nest said upon offering Ruth the position. She surely has succeeded and given me the motivation to do whatever it takes.