Working from Home: The New Normal

Working from Home:  The New Normal

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, companies are quickly transitioning to telecommuting. For many of us, this is a whole new way of doing business. Though you can wake up a bit later, work in your pajamas, and not have to deal with traffic jams, navigating the work-from-home environment can be stressful.  

Here are six suggestions for making your telecommuting situation operate a little smoother:
woman telecommuting and working from home and writing in notebook

1. Have a designated workspace that is private, where you won’t be distracted by family members. It can be an entire room or maybe a corner space of a room. Just make it as stress-free as possible. 

2. Let your family know your schedule to minimize interruptions during your work hours. 

3. Make a schedule for yourself so you have a lunch break or just a minute or two to relax.

4. Test your at-home technology and communication devices to make sure they are in working order. These should include your computer, access to documents and software, and your cell phone so you are reachable.


5. Don’t let cabin fever set in. Set aside time during the day or after work to take a walk, exercise indoors, or call a friend to chat. When you are working alone, you need to be proactive about having downtime and socializing. 

6. If you start to feel lonely, consider setting up group chat via a messaging app or scheduling a video chat with family and friends. Make plans to meet on a regular basis and share creative ways you’ve adjusted to the new situation.  

woman telecommuting and sitting on computer and texting her friends

“Along with telecommuting, can come a feeling of loneliness. Of course, that's going to be intensified during this pandemic when you're not allowed to leave your house in many cases,” Bridget DeFiccio, Senior Vice President, Integrated Health"If you are feeling isolated, call a friend or a loved one and talk it through, or do something you enjoy indoors once the work day is through.” 

If you are feeling like the anxiety caused by this situation is getting out of control, our clinicians in our Counseling & Wellness Centers can help. They are available during this uncertain time. Call our main number at 844-4-ACENDA (844-422-3632) for more information.