How Teens Can Cope with Anxiety

4 tips for teens with social & school anxiety

For a teen struggling with anxiety, the so-called blissful high school years can feel dreadful. Whether clinically diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or experiencing severe symptoms of anxiety, learning effective coping methods to handle tough situations is always a great skill to have.

Juggling academics with a social life can lead to a lot of stress for teenagers. They're worried about grades, college, and remote learning while trying to balance sports, friendships, and leisure activities.

If you yourself is suffering from anxiety or you're trying to help your teen through their struggles, here are 4 tips to cope:

1. Practice breathing techniques. One of the best things to do when feeling anxious is to take a step back and focus on relaxing. There are many different breathing practices, so it may take a few tries to find the perfect fit. Mindful meditation is also a great way to address anxiety symptoms.

2. Build a support system. One important thing to remember during your struggles is that you are not alone. Feeling stress and anxiety is a completely normal response and more often than not, your peers are probably experiencing similar fears. Open up to close friends, talk with family members, or join a support group. Having a strong support system is a great way to stay positive and encouraged while struggling with stress and anxiety.

teen girls comforting support anxiety

3. Fight negative self-talk. Those that suffer from anxiety disorders often form negative beliefs fueled by anxious thoughts. The mind will immediately jump to the worst case scenario and may lead to overreaction and further mental stress. Learning to recognize and reverse negative self-talk is a huge step in overcoming anxiety.

4. Take an active break. If breathing techniques and meditation aren't appealing and you feel as though you need to move, taking an active break is another way to cope with anxiety. If possible in the situation, take a short walk for some fresh air or do a few jumping jacks to work off the excess energy.

If you feel that your child or teen may need to seek professional help to address anxiety, clinicians in our Counseling & Wellness Centers can assist you on your journey to wellness.

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