Backpacks Help Get Students Off to the Right Start

2020 Virtual Backpack Drive

The new school year is right around the corner. Whether students will be going to school in-person or virtually this fall, having the right supplies is very important for a successful school year. 

“The start of a new school year can be both exciting and stressful,” says Lisa Haya, LCSW, Vice President of Child and Family Services.  “By providing children with a new backpack and school supplies, we're instilling in them a sense of pride and confidence and preparing them for academic success.” 

Acenda is helping local children have the supplies they need for a productive new school year ahead – through its Virtual Backpack Drive, which runs through Friday, August 7.  In keeping with COVID-19 safety precautions, Acenda has transitioned to a virtual campaign in which donors can purchase items online that will be shipped to Acenda’s headquarters or make monetary donations that will be used to purchase the supplies.  Last year’s drive benefited an estimated 700 children from kindergarten through high school.

young girl wearing backpack for school
Providing children with backpacks and supplies they need for school is beneficial in so many ways, including: 
  • Provides the necessary tools to be able to do their classroom work and homework. 
  • Helps the financial burden some families may be facing in purchasing these supplies. 
  • Builds confidence in the students because they have what they need to do their work. 
  • Ensures all children have the same opportunity to start the school year off right. 
  • Motivates students to engage in school and stay in school. 
  • Allows students to be active participants in their education. 

“Whether students are physically in the classroom or are online learning, the backpacks are essential for our students to flourish in their studies.  Our families have expressed gratitude for the comfort that comes with sending their children to school with everything they need to be successfulThere is such joy in seeing your child excited about starting school with brand new supplies. added Lisa Bennett, MA, LPC, ACS, Senior Program Director of Visitation Services.  

For more information on Acenda’s Virtual Backpack Drive, visit www.acendahealth.org/backpack