Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Summer is here! Though it’s the best time of year for kids, most of summer’s activities require parents to keep a close eye on the fun!

Below are a few things to remember as the weather gets warmer, and the sun gets hotter:

Put that sunscreen on. When the kids are outside, apply SPF 30 or higher on all exposed skin and reapply every three hours (or after splashing/swimming in water).

Encourage the kids to drink water and take breaks. As the temperature rises, dehydration and heat stroke can set in. Offer plenty of water and make sure they spend some time in the shade or in the house.

Supervise swimming or water play. It only takes seconds for drowning to happen, so make sure you are actively watching your children when they are playing in or near water.

Consider mental health too! The transition from a structured school year to the excitement and freedom of summer can be difficult for some kids – both physically and mentally. Spend time together as a family so you know how your child is doing.

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