Author: Cassandra Boyce

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Is Your Child Emotionally Ready for College?

Helping Your Teen Mentally Prepare for College August is the time when families are preparing to send their teen off to... Read More

Friendships Bring Positivity to our Lives

Celebrating National Friendship Day “Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves.... Read More

2020 National Intern Day

Interns are Important to Any Organization  National Intern Day is Thursday, July 30 and we at Acenda want to recognize our interns’ contributions to our organization on this... Read More

2020 International Self Care Day

Take Care of YOU...Today and Every Day July 24 is International Self Care Day, a time to reflect on ourselves and... Read More

Need Substance & Recovery Help?

Acenda in Cape May is Here for You  If you find yourself dealing with substance abuse, trying to face challenges alone... Read More

Why I Give – Dante Germano

Our donors and volunteers make the community a better place for our children and families. In our series, Why I... Read More

A Sense of Community is Good for Your Mind

A Sense of Community is Good for Your Mind Our quality of life is so important for both our mental... Read More

How to Keep Kids from Stressing About Coronavirus

“OMG, I have a fever mom and dad, is this coronavirus?” It’s a word your kids might have heard... Read More

Five Tips to Disconnect from Work During the Holidays

The Gift of “Me Time” As you work steadfastly to tie up the loose ends at work before the... Read More