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iComWell is a community wellness initiative with a mission to expand mental health services in Cape May and Gloucester... Read More

Early Intervention Support Services (EISS)

EISS is co-located with other acute care programs in an easily accessible care continuum. Unlike emergency rooms, EISS is... Read More


NJ4S is a statewide, innovative hub-and-spoke model which supports youth mental wellness and promotes prevention of bullying, teen suicide,... Read More

Intensive Supervision

The Intensive Supervision program works with Family court and Cape May County Sheriff’s department to provide around the clock... Read More

Healing Hearts & Minds (HHM)

Healing Hearts and Minds (HHM) is a free and voluntary program that helps parents with pre- and post-substance use... Read More

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC)

EXPANDING CARE TO THOSE IN NEED Acenda’s Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, or CCBHC, provides individualized care and wrap... Read More

Parent Counseling & Therapy

Acenda staff work with parents to enhance their parenting skills and offer them community resources to ensure that their... Read More

Family Counseling & Therapy

Qualified Acenda staff work with families to better parenting skills and offer community resources for their children to receive... Read More


Affordable and secure video or phone counseling. Times are tough, so no monthly subscription required. Only schedule what you... Read More

Nurse-Family Partnership

If you’re pregnant with your first baby, you may be eligible for a FREE personal nurse from Nurse Family... Read More

Creative Visitation

Creative Visitation provides supervised visits between children in foster care and their parents, relatives, and siblings with the goals... Read More

Family Success Centers

Family Success Centers are community-based, family-centered neighborhood gathering places where community residents go for family support, interactive workshops, activities,... Read More