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How Does Social Media Affect Teens?

Social Media May be More Harmful Than Helpful for Teens The pros and cons of social media for teenagers... Read More

Accepting Help & Support

Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength A mental illness diagnosis can be difficult come to terms with.... Read More

With Kindness Comes Brightness

World Kindness Day 2021 After the past year and a half, we need kindness now more than ever. This... Read More

The Health Benefits of Forgiveness

Navigating Difficult Apologies & Healing Through Forgiveness Yom Kippur, also knowns as the Day of Atonement, is an important... Read More

How Teens Can Cope with Anxiety

4 tips for teens with social & school anxiety For a teen struggling with anxiety, the so-called blissful high... Read More

Starting a Mental Health Dialogue with a Stranger

The smallest interaction may save a life We've grown up learning how to avoid strangers at all costs. "Stranger... Read More

How to Support a Loved One with Mental Illness

Support is in the Simplicities A mental illness diagnosis can often times feel scary. Being able to put a... Read More

How to Start a Mental Health Dialogue with an Older Adult

Tips for talking to a senior about mental health Today, mental health is at the forefront of everyone's minds.... Read More

What Does Support Really Mean?

How to find the right support for you Support and mental health go hand in hand, but what does... Read More

Are you in a codependent relationship?

What is codependency?    You may have heard of the term “clingy” or “needy” in a relationship. That is codependency, but with... Read More

How To Set Healthy Boundaries

4 Tips to Prepare and Place Healthy Boundaries in Your Life 2021 is all about self-love! It's the year... Read More

What to Expect in your First Therapy Session

Prepare yourself to go into your first counseling session confidently If one good thing has come from the pandemic,... Read More