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The Health Benefits of Love

Love is good for your brain and mental health Being in love not only gives you a rosy glow or... Read More

Dealing with Life’s Surprises: Tips for Navigating the Unexpected

In the words of Maya Angelou, the renowned American author and poet, “I can be changed by what happens... Read More

Are Dating Apps Bad for Your Mental Health?

The coronavirus pandemic has made many long-lasting impacts, including changing the way we interact and socialize. Although we are... Read More

What is Helicopter Parenting?

The Harmful Effects of Too Much Hovering Have you ever heard of the term "helicopter parenting"? The label is... Read More

With Kindness Comes Brightness

World Kindness Day 2021 After the past year and a half, we need kindness now more than ever. This... Read More

The Health Benefits of Forgiveness

Navigating Difficult Apologies & Healing Through Forgiveness Yom Kippur, also knowns as the Day of Atonement, is an important... Read More

What is Mom Shaming?

Definitions, examples, & solutions for the latest obstacle moms are facing Whether a targeted jab at a mother's parenting... Read More

Recognizing and Treating Depression

What is Depression?  Depression is a mental health condition that negatively affects how you feel, think and behave. It is... Read More

What are Microaggressions?

Defining, Recognizing, & Addressing Microaggressions in Everyday Life July is BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month, which makes it a... Read More

How To Deal with Empty Nest Syndrome

Dear Acenda, I can't believe the time has finally come! My baby is heading off to college next month.... Read More

What is Social Wellness?

July is Social Wellness Month Social wellness is a combination of a few different factors— nurturing not only yourself,... Read More

What does BIPOC Stand For?

July is BIPOC Mental Health Month Formerly known as Minority Mental Health Month, July is now BIPOC Mental Health... Read More