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Intensive Family Support Services

Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS) provides support services to the families of the mentally ill through a network of... Read More

Steps Toward Independence

Steps Toward Independence (STI) is a transitional, supportive housing program that assists homeless youth, especially youth leaving the child... Read More

Pettirosso Community Home

Pettirosso Community Home provides an intensive therapeutic community home setting in which females will receive 24 hour supervision and... Read More

Life Link Homes

Life Link Homes offer permanent supportive housing for youth who are homeless or aging out of the child welfare... Read More

Pathways to Academic and Career Exploration to Success (PACES)

PACES is an in-home service that aims to support adolescents involved with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency... Read More

Family Connections

The Family Connections Program provides intensive in-home services including concrete supports such as home management, budgeting, skill building, advocacy,... Read More

Fostering Independence

The Fostering Independence Program provides life skills instruction and case management to youth who are aging out of foster... Read More

Intensive In-Community Services

Intensive In-Community Services provides short-term intensive behavioral health counseling to youth and their families in their homes or communities.... Read More

School-based Services

While school is designed as a place for children to learn and grow, many students face difficult challenges in... Read More

Child & Teen Counseling & Therapy Services

We want to ensure all children and teens can learn, grow, and develop to realize their fullest potential. Childhood... Read More

Mobile Response and Stabilization Services

If your child is having a mental health crisis in the home, we can provide help within the hour.... Read More

Youth Partial Care

Acenda’s Youth Partial Care (YPC) offers comprehensive, intensive treatment for youth exhibiting behavioral, emotional, or social impairments that disrupt... Read More